Common Core Toolbox For iPhone and iPad

Easy access to Common Core Standards

iPhone 7 and Google Pixel Displaying Common Core screenshots

Common Core Toolbox helps the classroom teachers, students, parents and the general public easily read and understand the California Common Core State Standards and National State Standards.


The Common Core Toolbox application utilizes the Apple’s iOS platform for iPad/iPhone and allows the classroom teacher to toggle between California Common Core State Standards and the National State Standards, email colleagues, save favorites, search for other resources, e-print, post on favorite social media sites and many more features.

Common Core Standards

Toolbox includes Math standards K-12 and the ELA standards K-12. Our team’s goals provide the user with easy and fast access to the California Common Core State Standards on their iPhone and iPa

Additional Standards

Our team will continue to update information on the application as subjects are developed for the California Common Core State Standards.

“This is a wonderful application! I can access the common core standards right on my iPhone and iPad! It is easy to use and clear to understand! It is easy to email and message my colleagues, parents and administrators.”

John Williams

Fourth Grade Teacher, LAUSD, Los Angeles CA

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